At Lådfabriken you can undertake countless activities, here are some suggestions:


Close to our accommodation there is a road that takes you to many surprising destinations on the island and beyond. We have 4 bicycles that are free of use when available.  If you like organized tours, other than our pedal packages, look at ‘Orust Runt’, more than 40 editions of organized tracks (20, 40, 80 or 110 km ) around the island on May 24. We can advise on several routs, or maybe you like to book a pedal package with us?


From our B&B you can start running, we have the right circuit for you (5, 8, 15 or 18 km). Otherwise join the yearly run, Hermanö Varvet, on Hermanö island. In the middle of the archipelago you run 3,5 km over asphalt and 6.5 km over gravel. Enjoy even rougher terrains? Try Orust Tvärs, a run of 27 km on harsh terrain on August 22. Or join in the unique IcebugXperience, the run/walk event taking place in the lovely natural surroundings of Sotenäs, right in the heart of Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast in september.


The seashore at Lådfabriken starts shallow and many children have learned to swim in these waters. There are a variety of areas for swimming. Beautiful sandy beaches, small isolated coves and sun warmed shiny smooth cliffs dot the landscape of the region. There are also remote cliffs for those who want to enjoy the peaceful solitude. In Edshultshall you can find  ‘Jensholmen’ an island where one (sun-) bathes. Within walking distance of 900 meters.


From Lådfabriken it is easy to put your own kayak in the water. Glide silently through the water in a kayak, enjoy the midnight sun, spot seals and soak up the spirit of the sea. You can kayak anywhere you want to, moor on an island and make your own private retreat. We have 4 kayaks that are free of use when available. There is a rental company nearby, called Orust Kajak, they do guided tours. Or contact our colleagues Balanspunkten in Grundsund or see if we have the right paddling package for you on our website. If you enjoy a friendly challenge, join the annual Orust Round Race, 2 days of 50 km with an overnight stay on Vallerö, an island in the archipelago ‘in front’ of our house.


For all fishermen; the waters here are a year-round resource. The diversity of fishing is huge. You can try fishing both from rocks on the shore and from a boat. But you may just as well enjoy crab fishing from the pier with the whole family. IMG_2356

The sea trout fishing season starts on April 1. Mackerel comes in numbers in June. Sometimes both mackerel and garfish are so close to shore that you can easily reach them with the fly or spin rod. Lobster fishing starts on the first Monday after the 20th of  September each year at 07:00, a must for every lover of adventure and fine dining! Click here for our fishing packages.


The sailing season in Sweden is June-September and darkness falls for just 3 hours a day in high summer. So there is almost constant daylight as you sail these waters. Traveling in a private boat? Drop anchor at the guest harbor of Edshultshall Latitude: N 58º 6 25.2 Longitude: E 11º 27 57.24

Horseback riding

Sweden boasts a deeply rooted tradition of high quality horse management and breeding and strict regulations regarding animal welfare. It’s a formula for healthy, happy horses and horse-mad Swedes. Enjoy the countryside on horseback on north Swedish horses from Dahlegård close to our accommodation.


Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the smooth greens of Orust Golfklub in Morlanda. Never far from the sea and only 11 km away. In summertime the course is often dry and hard, like the ones of Scotland. The proximity to the sea makes the wind a factor to be reckoned with. It’s a par 72, 5 856,30 yards. With an easy par five to start off your round, you will relax and enjoy the rest of your game.  Also try the greens on the island Tjörn


From our house you can start your walking journey into the in-lands. We can point out diverse walking routes to villages, vistas, beaches and forests. You can also look out for the marked trails, like:

Orust Tvärs (across Orust) is a 40 km trail across the island of Orust. From Svanesund in the east, to the islands Flatö and Ängö in the northeast. During the hike you may find 64 signs with cultural and natural keepsakes.

photo st olaf cross hikingPilgrims trail follow the 80 km trail, shaped like a loop, connecting the eight churches on Orust and marked with the St. Olaf’s sign.

On Hermanö that you reach by ferry and located at 10 km from our house, you may find one of Sweden’s biggest natural parks; here you may also find several hiking tracks.


In Svineviken at the north side of Orust (20 km) you may find Haere Mai Dykning or in Lysekil  (54 km)the well equipped Dive Team Lysekil.


photo upplevelse climbingSolid granite, soft lines and stunning coastal vistas make rock climbing in Bohuslän world class. You’ll find the clean hard surfaces offer plenty of challenges for both beginners and experts. Upplevelsebolaget in Uddevalla offers introductory courses and real climbing at Lill-Knipen (52 km) with spectacular views while preparing for the ascent. Klattertorpet in Brastad (80 km) offers several courses and guided climbings.

Worthwile visiting outside Orust

Pilane – Tjörn (42 km)

Along with Lousiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark and Vigeland Park in Oslo, Sculpture in Pilane on Swedish island Tjörn was last year nominated as “10 of the best sculpture parks in Europe” by British The Guardian. A most see for all our guests.

Nordic Watercolour Museum – Skärhamn / Tjörn

The museum is an inspiring meeting place for art, nature and people, an arena for art based on water, pigment and paper. Since the start, world class art has been shown; Salvador Dali, Bill Viola, Louise Bourgeois and Swedish favorites like Elsa Beskow, Anders Zorn and Lars Lerin. Combine it with a visit to Pilane and eat lunch at renowned restaurant ‘Vatten’.

Havets Hus – Lysekil (55 km)

Here you may find over 100 fascinating sea creatures in 40 different aquariums. Touch starfish, crabs and hermit crabs in the touch pool, watch sharks, rays and congers swim above your head in the tunnel aquarium.

Nordens Ark Hunnebostrand (80 km)

Meet endangered animals in a magnificent setting alongside Åby fiord in Bohuslän. Around 80 species like tiger, leopards, wolves, lynxes and old native breeds, birds and amphibians.

Gothenburg (82 km)

The second largest city in Sweden has an atmosphere of easygoing genuineness. It has a strong cafe culture and a big variety of clothing and designer boutiques all within 15-minute walking distance of each other. In Gothenburg, seafood is religion. The city is proud of its fishing heritage and the locals are serious about their shrimp, crayfish, lobster and oysters. Gothenburg is one of Europe’s leading food cities.

Tanums World Heritage (99 km)

At Tanum people from the Bronze Age have carved thousands of images into the smooth rocks of the landscape. This pictorial treasure is so rich in content and so distinctive that it is among the world’s cultural heritages on the Unesco World Heritage List.


Travel arrangements

If you are interested in an organized holiday in Bohuslän, including activities, lodging and travel, we refer to the travel arrangements ‘Westcoast Travel’ can offer. Here you also have the possibility to rent a vacation bungalow in Mollösund. Please send a mail with your initial ideas to