For uncomplicated bookings & stay overs at Lådfabriken, we put together some rules


Reservations can be made via the booking inquiry at the bottom of the page, on line website, by email to in**@la*********.eu or by calling +46 304 52100


When making the reservation the guest(s) understand that they will comply with the house rules of Lådfabriken B&B


Note the following about terms and deadlines of our payment policy:

  • a payment of 100% is required to secure your on-line booking;
  • a deposit of minimally 50% is required to secure your booking via e-mail;
  • such can be done by means of a payment or a bank transfer (for example Transferwise or Swish in Sweden);
  • the booking becomes definite when this payment is received by us within 72 hours (3 days) after the booking date;
  • please indicate your name and reservation number in the payment;
  • all costs incurred by Lådfabriken because of the use of payment services and the remaining amount will be charged at check-out;
  • if you encounter problems, please let us know in good time via in**@la*********.eu
  • the remaining amount shall be paid at the latest upon check out in cash, by credit card or via e-banking on the spot.



Ook voor seizoen 2022 hanteren wij een afwijkend annuleringsbeleid vanwege de Covid-situatie in de wereld..

De belangrijkste wijziging is dat gemaakte boekingen kosteloos kunnen worden geannuleerd tot twee weken voor aankomst (normaal 6 weken).

  • een annulering is gratis tot 2 weken voor aankomst, in welk geval wij het gehele voorschot terugbetalen;
  • bij een annulering binnen 2 weken voor aankomst betalen we alleen het voorschot terug als we erin slagen om nieuwe huurders te vinden;
  • bij terugbetaling worden administratieve kosten (350 SEK) in rekening gebracht
  • in geval van een no-show om redenen die niet zijn goedgekeurd van onze zijde, belasten wij de creditcard voor het resterende deel van de reserveringskosten.

Voor de aanpassing van het annuleringsbeleid, gold het volgende:

If for any reason you should need to cancel, the following will apply:

  • a cancellation is free of charge when done up to 42 days before arrival, in such case shall we refund the advance payment;
  • in case of a cancellation from and within 42 days before arrival, shall we refund the advance payment only if we manage to find new tenants;
  • in case of a refund, administration costs will apply.


The following additional rules apply when booking packages in which third parties are involved:

– If for any reason you need to cancel, the same cancellation conditions as stated above will apply for the room reserved at Lådfabriken B&B. It could be that the third party will charge administration or other fees that will
– You are responsible for your equipment and making sure it is returned in the same condition it was loaned.
– We recommend the use of helmet, life vest or other material offered by the organizer.
– Our insurance does not cover any personal incidents; check your travel/ home/ health insurance.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro.


Orusts Sparbank Bankgiro: 857-3651 Bankkonto: 8353-5 3665093-5
IBAN: SE9480000835350036650935 SWIFT/BIC: SWEDSESS
Organization nr: 621007-5559 VAT nr: SE621007555901

In case circumstances are beyond our control (‘force majeure’) such as war, fire, nature disaster or strike, we have the right to cancel your booking without any compensation of costs already made by you before the actual arrival. In case of such events, we are obliged to inform you immediately and offer alternative dates. Should we not find a suitable date, we will then pay back the sum of received payments.