hiking package

hiking – walking

Excursions are a must if you live with us; bike around Orust, hike in nature or paddle to an island. You can easily discover the surroundings by walking. To facilitate this, you can bring a lunch bag from us and a map and come back and have dinner. Then you can really enjoy the nature of Bohuslän – food tastes, both inside and outdoors too!


We offer a two-day hiking package, complete with coffee, dinner on one of the evenings, a map of hiking trails and a lunch bag to Harmanö.

After checking-in at 3PM, you get a thermos and a small snack and you start hiking a round of 5 km as a warming-up. On return you get a Swedish ‘fika’. In the evening you enjoy a three course fish dinner. After breakfast the following day you will receive a hiking map, a lunch bag and instructions on how to get to Harmanö by ferry.

Härmanö is one of the larger nature reserves in Bohuslän and has a rich nature and several hiking trails. Hiking is offered for both the relaxed walker and the experienced hiker. For those of you who like the challenge, you aim for ‘Härmanö huvud’ and its spectacular views. Facts about the trail: Gullholmen-Klippevik 4 km, Höpallen-Härm 2.5 km, Härm-Myren 4 km, Myren-Skålldalen 5 km, Skålldalen-Härmanö huvud 3km. From the ferry location out to Härmanö huvud it is about 8 km.

Price 845 SEK p/p (excluding room), handing out of the lunch bag after breakfast, book online or pre-order via info@ladfabriken.eu


Berries – follow along with us and pick blackberries (August), rosehips (September and October) or apples (August-October) during the day. We then cook or bake this harvest together for jam or cake, that you will bring home. Price 695 SEK p/p (including three course dinner, excluding room).

Mushrooms – join us at our secret sponge sites and harvest the delicacies. Enjoy the scenery after which we will cook together something good for lunch (September and October) Price 795 SEK p/p (including lunch, three course dinner, excluding room).

Pre-order these via info@ladfabriken.eu